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Invitation to Clients From Purchasers to Organize Reception Service

We perennially collect international famous exhibition buyers resources and continuously integrate association of Europe and the United States, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and other overseas association resources, organizing regular professional buyers, business association leadership and industry officials to participate in the high-end purchasing docking activities of domestic large-scale exhibition and industrial base. They visit factory and professional market based with the requirements of their customers. We organized business communication informations and cooperation meeting, which deeply let customers understand advantage of different industry base and characteristic cultural tourism, to  attract investment from overseas buyers.


Overseas Government Officials Invite

WINBTB has kept close contact with foreign embassies, consulates and government departments. WINBTB delivers information about industrial exhibitions to ambassadors, consuls and government officials periodically. If foreign embassies, consulates and government departments have interests in WINBTB industrial exhibitions and import expos, please feel free to contact WINBTB. WINBTB is most welcome foreign embassies, consulates and government departments’ cooperation. 

Currently, the following foreign embassies, consulates, government departments and associations has cooperated with WINBTB: Mongolian Embassy in China, Lithuanian Embassy in China, French South China Chamber of Commerce, Australian South China Chamber of Commerce, The American Chamber of Commerce in South China, Chinese Spanish Association, China Israel Exchange Center, Nigeria Venture Exchange Center, etc.

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