2019 China Cross Border E-commerce International Designer Products Fair Zhejiang Import Goods Expo

Date: May 24th - 26th , 2019

Venue: Hall No.1,2,3Ningbo International Convention & Exhibition Center


Commerce Department of Zhejiang Porvince

Ningbo Municipal People’s Government


China Council for The Promotion of International Trade Ningbo Committee(CCPITNB)


As to meet the holding China International Import Exposition and respond to the major measures taken by the country to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization and to open the market to the world on its own initiative, the Exhibition is held to promote economic and trade exchanges and cooperation among countries in the world, to promote global trade and world economic growth, and to promote the development of an open world economy, The Exhibition fully integrates the spillover effect of the 1st China International Import Expo, promotes the import trade and cross-border e-commerce of the city by integrating the open regional economic development, and grasping the opportunity of the construction of the “the Belt and Road”comprehensive trial area, the “16+1”Economy and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone, and the Cross -border E-commerce Comprehensive Trial Zone in Ningbo, thus to seize the opportunity from the new round of opening up and export expansion of the country, take the lead in grasp the business opportunities of China International Import Exposition, and realize the trade balance strategy.


2019 China Cross-border E-commerce International Designer Products Fair

& Zhejiang Imported Goods Expo is an exclusive Expo nominated by China Cross Border E-commerce International Designer Products. The Expo will focus on the famous world brand that are widely welcomed by Chinese consumer, and will make efforts in the construction of bidirectional exhibiting and trading platform for domestic and foreign enterprises, thus to push forward the communication between the suppliers, the purchase and logistics &financial service provider, and to promote the development of international trade towards Chinese market. Over thousand of the world famous brands and ten thousands of purchasers will attend the Expo. A grand banquet of cross border E-commerce and international designer products will start soon. Welcome to join us.

2019 China Cross Border E-commerce International Designer Products Fair emphasizes to bring in new, and renowned as well as other popular daily consumer goods though cross border trade. By inviting foreign investment business associations to attend the expo in groups, and inviting import goods trade corporations, large scale agents, cross border e-commerce businesses to negotiate business and exhibit for sale, the expo serves as a platform to promote agency business and distribution of import goods, online and offline interactions, and live transactions, striving to build itself an outstanding imports designer products exhibition in China. 


The largest import exhibition in Jiangsu and Zhejiang

The best international trade platform to display enterprise products and technologies

Reach out to consumers with strong purchasing power

Face to face communication with professional buyers from all over the country

Establish good business relationship with global suppliers

Requirements of exhibitors

The exhibits must be imported from overseas and produced overseas by foreign companies.

Exhibitors must provide copies of registered certificates(affixed with corporate seal)or other valid certificates.

Exhibitors must comply with intellectual property protection rules, maintain exhibition order, and adhere to regulations of the expo.

Participation procedures

Exhibitors must fill in and submit the “Application Form”to the Fair organizing committee not late than April 25th , 2018.

2. We arrange exhibition booths only when we confirm that the exhibits meet our requirements.

3. Applicant shall sigh “Exhibition Participation Contract”with the exhibition organization company, and shall transfer all exhibition payments to the designated account within 7 working days after signing.

4. Applicant fill in“Exhibition Information”and other information necessary for the organizing committee, and submit it to the organizing committee timely.


The Application Form of 2019 China Cross Border E-commerce International Designer Products Fair

Exhibitors Register please contact  2355486996@qq.com

Price of Booth          

Standard booth (3m*3m) :

For Domestic Exhibitors: RMB 6000Yuan / 9㎡
For Overseas Exhibitors: USD 1000 /9㎡

Raw Space (starting from 36m2 of raw spaces) :

Domestic enterprises is RMB 600 yuan / ㎡, overseas enterprises only $100 / ㎡.

1. For exhibitors of professional imported international famous brand products, they will enjoy the "one enterprise, one policy" special exhibition policy services in the booth area, booth cost concessions, special booth construction, etc.;

2. Special booth will be offered according to special requirements;

3. Retail processing of exhibits is allowed during the specified period;

4. Exhibitors who intend to enter the perennial exhibition area of ningbo import commodity center after the exhibition can enjoy special privileges and services.

5. The organizing committee will provide one-stop customs clearance service for all exhibitors' imported exhibits.

Value-added Services 

Information of exhibitors will be sent to domestic purchasers by means of data push, such as outbound call, email and SMS.

Official website, official Wechat public platform and mass media channels release product activity information for publicity.

Organization of Visitors

Organize the import goods promotion event and invite professional audiences to participate in.

Encourage goods circulation companies inside and outside of Zhejiang to purchase and discuss.

Organize domestic business institutions,trade companies,large chain supermarkets,key buyers and agents to participate in.

Make promotions in cooperation with domestic and overseas key print and network media,and carry out promotional events by multimedia and large outdoor advertising.

Invite a number of citizens to visit and purchase.

❖ Not abroad, buying and selling and watch the world take you enjoy the world gourmet beauty!

❖ 2 square meters of exhibition area, 1200 standard booths and exhibits 100% air, gathering YongCheng, organizers strictly grasp the quality of enterprises, professional buyers from advertising industry of high quality communication platform.

❖ Exhibition galleries of reasonably clear division, for you to choose products, the most convenient way to negotiate and cooperate with the most rapid.

❖ Together government leaders, business executives, industry elite, experts and scholars, marketing platform, 2019 China cross-border e-commerce international famous brand exposition and Zhejiang import commodity fair is your trade cooperation, exchange of learning, the good time to make contacts.

The International Designer Products Fair will take cross border commodities trade negotiation, exhibiting and sale as the main content. Three halls will be used including National(Regional)Pavilion, Cross-border E-commerce (Designer Products)Pavilion and Cross-border Network Goods Trade Pavilion. Covering the area of 20,000 square meters, the pavilions can host 1200 standard exhibition booths. 

National(Regional) Pavilion:

Display the relevant information in the field of the trade and investment, including commodity trade, service trade, industrial conditions,investment and tourism, as well as products with national characteristics. A special exhibition area themed by the Belt and Road will be specially established.

Cross-border E-commerce Platform Pavilion

Domestic and foreign famous cross-border e-commerce platform enterprises, O2O cross-border e-commerce store, Cross-border e-commerce service platform,and Cross-border e-commerce service provider. 


Cross-border Network Goods Trade Pavilion

International famous affordable luxury brand, Baby and maternal products cosmetics, Daily necessities,smart home appliances, Health care products, Leisure entertainment products, Outdoors products, Artworks, Imported wines and drinks, Seafood, Fruits, Meats, Dairy products, Characteristic food, Agricultural products, 


❖ China Cross Border E-commerce Summit

❖ One-on-one purchase and trade fair for imported goods

❖ Several introduction and promotion conferences for imported special goods


❖ For Exhibitors

WINBTB Specially-assigned Staff Leading Service

Transportation Guidance

Ningbo railway station/ningbo automobile south station >>>>>> Ningbo international convention and exhibition center

Plan 1: Ningbo bus 356 road to the exhibition center south gate station

Plan 2: Ningbo bus no.789 to the north gate of the exhibition center

Plan 3: take metro line 2, transfer to line 1 at Gulou station, transfer to Haiyan north road station, and take bus no. 810

Plan 4: take a taxi. Normally, it takes 30 minutes to get to the pavilion

Ningbo lishe airport >>>>>> ningbo international convention and exhibition center

Plan 1: take a taxi, under normal circumstances, about 40 minutes to the pavilion

Plan 2: take metro line 2, transfer to line 1 at Gulou station, transfer to Haiyan north road station, and take bus no. 810

Ningbo passenger transport center >>>>>> ningbo international convention and exhibition center

Plan 1: Ningbo bus 369 road to Feihong new village station turn 21 road to exhibition center south gate station

Plan 2: take metro line 2, transfer to line 1 at Gulou station, transfer to Haiyan north road station, and take bus no. 810

Plan 3: take a taxi, under normal circumstances, about 30 minutes to the pavilion

Way to the bus

South gate of the exhibition center: no. 17, no. 21, no. 351, no. 356, no. 517, no. 521, no. 810, no. 168

East gate of the exhibition center: no. 512, no. 517

North gate of the exhibition center: no. 789, no. 788, no. 529, no. 782

Note: taxi fare in ningbo is 10 yuan (3.5 kilometers), plus 2 yuan per kilometer.

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