Date: September 26th—28th,2019

Venue: Area C,China Import&Export Fair Complex,Guangzhou,China


Guangzhou FOOD2CHINA Technology Co., Ltd

Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association


China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPlT) Guangdong Committee


Worldex-SingEx Exhibitions (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

the exhibition scale:20,000㎡


For the past few years,China has become the world’s biggest imported food market and likely achieve a market scale reaching $480 billion in 2018.Additonally, the ports for China’s food import are mainly concentrated in the coasted provinces and cities.

With a favorable business environment,increasing demand for imported food and advantageous geographical location of China,Guangdong is clearly seen as the perfect market place for the imported food industry.

FOOD2CHINA EXPO is the most international and professional B to B food trade fair with the highest proportion of international exhibitors in South China. This show has become a must-attend event and a strategic platform for importers, distributors and buyers from Southern China. FOOD2CHINA EXPO 2019 will gather the leading international food and beverage brands as well as the most influential buyers of the region, at the China Import & Export Fair Complex Guangzhou, China.

For exhibitor:

1. China to be the world’s biggest imported food market in 2018 and likely to achieve a market scale reaching $480 billion.

2. South China,as the region with the largest consumption of food,will futher expand imported food demand and unleash the potential of the market.

3. VIP Buyer Program:High-Quality Buyer Resources and Precise matching between the suppliers and the buyers.

4. Strong Support from IFA-Guangdong(China) Imported Food Association,organizing purchasing for hundreds of imported food enterprises.

5. Co-work with and food2china media for Online-Offine Interation.

2018 review:

TOP 7 most popular exhibit product:

Buyers’ business nature & regional distribution of domestic buyers:

VIP buyer list


Booth type configuration and price

Enhanced Shell Scheme

Raw Space


Rate USD2880/9sqm

Rate USD250/sqm(Min.36sqm)




Shell Scheme Panels

Fascia Board with Company Name

Upper Fascia Board

Glass Showcase with 1 Downlight

Reception Counter

Folding Chairs*4

Long-arm Spotlight(100W)*4

Wooden Shelves*3

Glass Round Table

5A/220V Socket

Waete Bin


Exhibit space only 

Excluding any equipment,exhibitor should pay electricity and the administrator fee to the exhibition center directly.


Sketch map


F2C Expo 2019 Application Form

Please submit the Application Form to

National exhibitors:

Key highlights of FOOD2CHINA EXPO 2019

Exhibit Area:

1. Snack & Confectionery section

Pastry, Sugar confectionery, Preserves, Biscuits,Confectionery products from kernels, Nuts, Dried fruit, Chocolate, Other chocolate and cocoa products, snack products, other confectionery, etc.

2. Meat & Seafood section

Meat(unprocessed), Frozen Meat, Meat products, Preserves containing meat, Meat-based convenience products, Chilled & fresh fish, Chilled & fresh shellfish and seafood, Frozen fish and seafood,Fish products, Seafood products, Semi-preserved seafood & fish products, Seafood-based convenience products, etc.

3. Foods & Condiments section

Frozen Fruits and vegetables, Cut Fruits and vegetables, Chilled & fresh fruits and vegetables, Nutrients, General provisions and staple foods, Canned food, Ready-meals and soup products, Delicatessen sauces and seasonings, Dried fruit and vegetables, Oils, Baked goods, etc.

4. Wine & Beer section

Beer and mixed beer drinks, Wine and sparkling wine, Spirits, Alcoholic drinks, etc.

5. Coffee、Tea & Beverage section

Coffee, Tea, Cacao, Non-alcoholic drinks, etc.

6. Health & Infant Food section

Milk and dairy products, Milk substitute products Cream and cream products, Cheese, Dried milk products, Eggs and egg products, Organic delicatessen products, Frozen organic products, Organic milk and dairy products, Organic bread, Organic spreads and hot beverages, Organic drinks, Maternity & infant food, Maternal and baby nutriment, Non-prescription medicines/OTC, Dietary supplements, Health food and dietetic products, Functional Foods,etc.

7. Halal Food section

Halal Food Ingredients, Halal seasonings & condiments, Halal chilled food, Halal meat products, Halal meat & poultry, Halal beverage, Halal tea, Halal dairy, Halal fruit and vegetables, etc. 

8. Food Service & Equipment section

Third-party service enterprises related to Customs clearance, Product traceability, Warehousing and logistics, E-commerce platform, Cold chain transportation, Supply chain finance, Food producing, packaging and transportation equipment, Trade press, IT services, other services.


FOOD2CHINA Forum is the biggest industrial forum held by Guangdong imported Food Association.The event organizers and participants,experts of the imported food industry,explore and exchange ideas on various topics such as industry development trends,imported food regulations and policies,food security,circulation channels,etc.Global food industrial leaders will gather to discuss the next hot topics of the imported food industry. Following the wave on the previous editions. FOOD2CHINA EXPO will continue to offer high quality and professional industrial events.

 · Forum1: Consuls Networking Forum

· Forum2: New Retail Forum

Onsite theme events:

Business matching

During the exhibition.FOOD2CHINA EXPO will provide business matching service for international pavilions, connecting more than 300 exhibitors to buyers with clear purchasing intentions onsite.

· Czechs Food Promotion Event

· Korean Food Business Matching Event

· British Food Business Matching Event

· Portuguese Food Business Matching Event


Ganized by CREAM and Guangdong Imported Food Association, coffee cup taster competition will hold three days onsite. Selected the final champion by the evaluation of the coffee cup tasting.

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For Exhibitors

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  • WINBTB Specially-assigned Staff Leading Service

Transportation Guidance

From Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to the Exhibition Hall
1. Taxi
You can take taxi at the taxi station in the front of the hall, which is 1 hour drive by car. According to Guangzhou Municipal Government, the taxi rate is 2.6 yuan/km with Flagfall fares of 10 yuan (first 2.5 km). Passengers also need to pay expressway toll and pontage generated during their ride.

2. Metro

Jichang Nan Station --- Exit C of Pazhou Station
Line 3  (North extended line)  Jichang Nan Station --Tiyu Xi Station 

Line 3  Tiyu Xi Station --- Kecun Station

Line 8  Kecun Station --- Pazhou Station 

( Exit C of Pazhou Station to Area C of Canton Fair Complex)

Duration: about 60 minutes
Fare: RMB 9 Yuan

Railway Stations to the Exhibition Hall

From Guangzhou Railway Station: Take Metro Line 2 (in the direction of Guangzhou Nan Station) to Changgang Station, change to Line 8 (in the direction of Wansheng Wei Station) , and exit Pazhou  Station (for Area C). The whole journey is about 16 km.

From Guangzhou East Railway Station: Take Metro Line 3 (in the direction of Panyu Square Station) to Kecun Station, change to Line 8 (in the direction of Wansheng Wei Station) , and exit at Pazhou Station (for Area C). The whole journey is about 9 km.


Guangzhou South Railway Station: Take Metro Line 2 (in the direction of Jiahe Wanggang Station) to Changgang Station, change to Line 8 (in the direction of Wansheng Wei Station), and exit at Pazhou Station (for Area C). The whole journey is about 25 km.

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Venue:Venue:Area C,China Import&Export Fair Complex,Guangzhou,China

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