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“Six Exhibition Halls, Three Highlights”

Post date:2019-06-18 18:19

The exhibition will be held on August this year. There will be six exhibition halls with three highlights, including the largest number of Russian exhibitors, lots of international enterprises, and over ten effective business activities. Currently, each work carries on smoothly. On the afternoon of June 16, the press conference has been greatly held in Harbin International Conference Center. The Mayor Wang Zhigang made a press release and answered questions from reporters; Wang Lei, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, answered questions; Shi Jinqi, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda, presided over the press conference.


According to the report, the 7th China (Suifenhe) International Port Trade Fair will be held in Suifenhe from August 8 to 11 with the theme of “integration, activation of new cooperation; innovation, driving new development”. The total exhibition area is 30,000 square meters, and six exhibition areas are set up according to the exhibition content and the area.

(Theme: The achievements of the 70th anniversary of the Sino-Russian diplomatic relations establishment & the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China)

Port cities, cooperative cities, regional-cooperative cities, strategic cooperative city images, Sino-Russian tourism exhibition areas

Sino-Russian financial services, smart technology, food packaging and processing equipment, advertising equipment, advertising supplies, LED photoelectric equipment, energy-saving products, auto parts, biomass energy


  • Cross-Border E-Commerce Cooperation Exhibition Area

The developing achievements of Cross-border e-commerce, and the latest trend and future


  • Wood Deep Processing Exhibition Area

Log materials, wooden veneers, plates, solid wood furniture and components, decorative materials, flooring, wooden house villas, woodworking machinery and equipment


  • International Specialty Goods Pavilion

Food from Southeast Asia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japanese; European, Japanese and Korean cosmetics, daily commodities, etc


  • Sino-Russian Cultural Industry Exhibition Area

Oil paintings, art photography, cultural achievements, film and television animation, press and publication, IP licensing and IP derivatives, digital cultural technology, arts and crafts, as well as intangible cultural heritage and cultural exchanges


What’s more, the expo will also set up three sub-meetings for wood processing, Russian goods e-commerce, and mutual trade. More than 10 business activities are planned during the exhibition, including the 12th China Border Port City Mayors Forum and its parallel meetings, the 4th China Border Economic Cooperation Zone Annual Meeting, the 3rd Sino-Russian Credit Cooperation Development Forum, Russian Food (Aquatic products) procurement promotion matchmaking meeting, etc.



There are three highlights of the expo. First is the deep participation of Russian enterprises. The scale of the Russian exhibition at this fair continues to expand, and the total number of exhibitors is expected to be nearly 200, the highest ever. The number of guests and delegations is higher than previous years. It is expected that most of the Russian Far East Federal Districts will have delegations to attend the Expo.


Second, lots of international companies participate actively in the exhibition. Companies from South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Ghana and other countries or regions like Taiwan, are attending the event with great enthusiasm, while companies from Turkey, Egypt and other countries participate in the exhibition for the first time.


Third, business activities are pragmatic and efficient. The theme of China's border port city mayor forum is to "interconnect and share business and win-win". The aim is to play the role of port city, promote port economy development, strengthen exchanges between port cities, deepen Sino-Russian local cooperation, and further promote foreign development, opening and interconnection. During the forum, it is planned to hold four parallel meetings of the China Port City Roundtable, the Sino-Russian Border Customs Forum, the Sino-Russian Border Port City Matchmaking Meeting, and the Sino-Russian Border Port Cross-border E-Commerce Industry Development Seminar. It wil invite relevant national ministries and commissions, relevant departments of domestic provinces (cities), and relevant departments of the Russian Far East to attend the expo. It is expected that there will be nearly 30 key border port city delegations at home and abroad to exchange views.


It is reported that the China (Suifenhe) International Port Trade Fair is the first comprehensive exhibition in China with the theme of port trade. It has been successfully held for six times since 2013 and has become one of the important windows for the exhibition of Sino-Russian local cooperation and exchange.


45 Chinese and foreign media reporters including People’s Daily, Central Radio and Television, CCTV, International Online, Xinhua News Agency and Russian Media attended the press conference.


(Sources from Suifenhe Today)



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