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Attention | 2018 Central China(Changsha) Import Expo is Coming!

Post date:2018-11-15 17:49

Introduction of The Expo


Hosting the large full-scale central China import exhibition-2018 Central China(Changsha) Import Expo is a major step to develop an open world economy. The Expo is a comprehensive public platform for international cooperation, an effective measure to advance the supply-side structural reform, and an initiative to meet people’s demand for a better life. It is also the concrete proposal made by the Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, the CPC Committee and the People’s Government of Changsha Municipality to fully implement the Suggestions about Accelerating Imports requested by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. As the top trade exhibition of central China, the Import Expo will further the opening-up and rising policy and develop open economy in Hunan, especially Changsha. Leveraging the premier location that Hunan bears in connecting eastern coastal areas and central-west regions as well as Yangtze River economic belt and coastal economic belt, the Expo will serve as a new bridge for business ties between Hunan and beyond, and present a perfect platform to expand cooperations.

The Organization 

Hosts: Department of Commerce of Hunan Province

Changsha Municipal People's Government

Organizer: The People's Government of Kaifu District, Changsha Municipality

Executives: Hunan Ya’er Culture Media Co.,Ltd.

Hunan Jiade Group Co.,Ltd.

Guangzhou WINBTB Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.

Theme Analysis

“Open Trade in Central China and Global Procurement” is the theme of the event. In recent years, Hunan has actively expanded imports, and its foreign trade structure has been increasingly optimized. According to customs statistics, the total import and export value of Hunan Province from January to May in 2018 was 105.21 billion yuan, up 34.3% year-on-year. Among them, the total value of imports was 39.79 billion yuan, an increase of 36.1% over the same period last year. The Expo will set up six theme exhibition areas, aiming to build Hunan into a new open economic highland in central China as well as open up new channels and opportunities for trade and cooperation among enterprises around the world.


The exhibition planning area is more than 20,000 square meters. It is expected to attract more than 30000 professional buyers and a total of 200 pavilions and 2,000 companies from 50 countries and regions, such as League of Arab States Exhibition Group, the German E-Commerce Association, Thai Silintong and so on.


Highlight 1: The first largest and the most influential import trade fair in central China

Six Themes

Fourteen Exhibition Areas 

Highlight 2: OAO Expo, Never End

Based on the trend of development of”Internet + Exhibition”, the host is going to create a model of “Online & Offline Expo” to make the expo keep the ball rolling, expanding the promotion of expo brand. To achieve these goals, the host has already cooperated with EXPO to dedicated to provide exhibitor with "Ali Exhibition " service of Online Exhibitions + Meeting Rooms + Transactions with huge traffic.

Highlight 3: Lots of high matching, high quality and high level activities

Opening Ceremony & Forums

Schedule of Opening Ceremony & Forums on Dec.5th

Opening Ceremony Guests (to be invited)

Wine Tasting 

With the trend of globalization, the wine has been called the second international language after English, which is being accepted by more and more elites. Wine tasting area will be set up at the 2018 Central (Changsha) Import Expo to create the second largest exchange platform for exhibitors and professional buyers.

Activities for Consumers

The Happiness-fulled Star City Shopping Festival and Other Activities

Activity of Beauties from 44 Countries

There will an activity for the beauty from 44 countries to perform on-site to attract more visitor.


Multi-cultural Performance

To combine exhibits with the culture deeply, there is a Multi-cultural Performance area for exhibitors and others to show their culture and products. Besides, Fashionable Catering Area, Wine Tasting Area and Negotiation Area will also be set up here.

Highlight 4: Yacht Exhibition Area

There is a special area for the yacht. During the exhibition, there will be a yacht experience activity, and some yachts will be opened for visiting. In addition, this area will connect with the consumer activity, and the winner of activity can get a chance to cruise Xiangjiang River with mystic guests.



Multi-media Promotion

Online-Offline Promotion & Interaction

1.Authoritative media publicity(Promote in phases 3 months before the expo).

2.Create topics through online communities and media.

3.Promote in the whole city(Image promotion at airports, high-speed rail stations, railway stations, bus stops,etc. & Advertisements on the LED screen of taxis, buses and large commercial plaza.)

4.Digital, intelligent and informational promotion.


Authoritative Media



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