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Germany Station | WINBTB Overseas Investment Promotion Tour

Post date:2018-09-25 12:03

WINBTB went to Germany to carry out overseas investment activities on rail transit.

 To better enhance the international reputation of China's rail industry and deepen the close exchanges and cooperation between China's high-speed rail industry and the international community, WINBTB, commissioned by 2018 China(Hunan) International Rail Transit Industry Expo(CIRTE), has appointed a promotion team to InnoTrans 2018 to carry out a comprehensive investment promotion campaign from 18-21 September, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.


InnoTrans, the largest and most influential professional exhibition of rail transit in the world, always attracts many high-quality exhibitors and buyers from all over the world. In order to better promote CIRTE 2018 and extend its international influence, WINBTB had made adequate preparations, including market research, publicity materials preparation and so on before we organized and trained a team to promote on-site. 


Promotion Team On-site


During the InnoTrans exhibition period, our promotion team distributed more than 5000 copies of CIRTE 2018 invitation letter to the exhibitors and professional buyers, and invite them to take part in our exhibition by providing free hotel, catering, shuttle bus and professional leading service, etc, most of them show great interest in attending CIRTE 2018 in this November, and provide us their business cards for more details about the exhibition.


The fruitful results of this trip to InnoTrans should be attributed to the years of efforts which WINBTB has put into international promotion. Long before this trip, WINBTB and CIRTE has already gained the staunch supports of many professional associations worldwide. Such as Tunnels and Tunnelling International and Railway Pro from United Kingdom, Railway Supply from Ukraine, Trade Asia from Taiwan, Ecplaza from South Korea, KenyaDetails from Kenya, Dubai Exporters from U.A.E. and so on. It is believed that with such intense publicity, CIRTE 2018 will be another annual grand event for the rail industry.  


With years of experience in developing and inviting international professional buyers, WINBTB has invited nearly 23,000 foreign businessmen for exhibitions, who are from Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions. Besides, WINBTB has successfully hosted more than 200 well-known exhibitions. 


In recent years, WINBTB has integrated services like overseas integrated promotion, exhibition services, overseas buyers invitation and international association cooperation. To provide deeper exhibition services in the era of fragmentation, WINBTB is working hard to innovate its exhibition service model.



Do you want to attend CIRTE 2018? Or if you have any plan to attend China exhibitions, WINBTB will be your best exhibition service provider. You can catch the latest exhibition list on the website, “follower us” on our Twitter/Facebook page (@Winbtb China), or contact us via,

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