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Winbtb's Business Trip of Promoting Arab Quality Product in the China Market

Post date:2017-12-22 09:58

Winbtb through two months of careful organization, invited the most authoritative management agencies and organizations of Arab, the league of Arab states representative office Mr Mohammed, Arab Businessman Forum Mr Arafat, and representatives of Arab businessmen to Ningbo(Zhejiang) Commerce Bureau on 19th Dec,2017. And Winbtb and Arab had met the bureau chief Wenhu Zhang, Jianming Fei, director of the department chief to negotiate exhibition and the Arab league's 22 countries products into China.At the meeting the two sides reached a strategic cooperation for the long-term development planning, ,and cooperation content includes:

1. Ningbo International Consumer Good Expo and the CEEC Investment and Trade Expo will provide exhibition area of the league of Arab states during 8th-11th June,2018,which can show Arab 22 countries’ quality products and culture customs in one area.

2.To better help the Arab quality goods to expand the Chinese market, Ningbo Imports Commodity Exhibition Trade Centre will establish a Arab commodity exhibition zone.

3. At the request of Ningbo government, the Arab league chairman Mr.Mohammed said he would promote Ningbo and Jeddah,Dubai (the second city of Arab) to reach a friendly sister city. At the same time, Arab also welcome Ningbo government to attend a series of meeting of Arab, and let Arab learn more about Ningbo so that can come to invest in Ningbo.


At the end of the meeting, Zhengjun Shao, general manager of Winbtb, Arab Businessman Forum Mr Arafat, and Mr. Mohammed visited Ningbo Imports Commodity Exhibition Trade Centre. Fangming Xu, the vice general manager of the centre had a warm reception and introduced the area of centre, different exhibitions and products, preferential policies, supporting policies. At the same time ,he kindly invited Arab display their products in the centre. Mr.Xu also promised to help promote Arab products in the Chinese market and commodity trade negotiation and docking. After the meeting the two sides took a group photo.


These are what Winbtb introduces above and thanks to visit our site again: . Winbtb has focused on developing exhibitions, industrial bases and matching meetings which become the leader of Chinese buyer invitation service unit. Follow Winbtb closely you will get more latest exhibitions and fair information.

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