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WINBTB is centered on the integration of international industry exhibitions and interactive marketing services. Manly services including four business segments Overseas integrated promotion, Exhibitor Exhibit Service, Overseas Buyer Invite and Conference and Forum organizing, focusing on providing integrated interactive marketing service for industry-renowned exhibitions and industrial bases. Deeply explore and promote the development of the China and global industries.


Company Development History

In 2017 engaged in international industry exhibition integrated interactive marketing

Winbtb rely on own exhibitors and international buyers database to continuously develop buyers for domestic industry exhibitions and invite overseas exhibitors to participate in domestic import exhibitions. With the continuous exploration and development of business models and the need for national policy encouragement and market development, Winbtb introduce intelligent customer marketing system and rich experience accumulation, which will further promote the ecological development of international industry and Chinese industry. Winbtb introduced intelligent customer development system. With rich projects experience, Winbtb will further promote the development of international industry and Chinese industry.

2016 Over 10+ International Cooperation Exhibition partner, Buyers' Invitation Service gained good reviews

The continuous development of collecting and optimizing buyer data, the team's accumulated experience in project planning and execution, continuous optimization of service levels and improved buyer docking effectiveness. Successfully held 200+ high-end matchmaking conferences and accumulated 23,000+ overseas customers. Purchaser

In 2012, upgrading to promote exhibition, the high-end meeting for buyers in industrial base, became the leading domestic buyer service unit.

Through the collection of foreign information in the exhibition and wholesale market, we have collected more than 260,000 foreign buyers. Developed and invited international professional buyers to participate in the exhibition, industrial base high-end procurement fair. Up to now, the company had held more than 80 high-end meeting for buyers to purchase.

In 2007, we developed a bus advertising media based on exhibition.

The development of the Canton fair hotel shuttle bus, became the most famous exhibition bus media in China. We undertook Alibaba, Yiwu Import Commodity Exhibition, China-Asean Expo, Changshu Clothing City, Yuexiu. Fortune world, Global Sources, China Merchants Bank, Shunde Louvre, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Shenzhen Gift Expo, Hondi Tools, Yiwu Oroduction Market and so on, which got customer's favor.

In 2003,we began to involve e-commerce media planning and operation.

We planed and start with Canton fair e-commerce department out Canton fair's official website members, website advertising, electronic magazines, business travel service and other exhibition e-commerce media and multiple consecutive terms to create a good income.

In 2001, we integrated exhibition advertising resources and became a national well-known exhibition media operation organization.

During the period, we pushed out the official promotion of the Canton fair by CD, the island-platform advertising of Pearl River walking line, the guard bar advertisement in check-in of  visitors to the Canton fair. Free shuttle bus advertising and other medias, developed Haier, Tiger battery, Midea, YTO and other customers.

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