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Company culture and team  spirit advantage

Since the beginning of the enterprise, we have accumulated a group of team members who have been pragmatic and united.

At the same time, the company also has a high salary to hire professional managers who have rich experience in business practice, and continuously improve team service professionalism and cohesion!


Advantages of Market Development:

Have established good cooperative relations with exhibition offices, industrial bases and national professional markets all over the country.

It has abundant resources and has laid a market foundation for the rapid development of cooperation projects.


Purchasers data resources

Since 2012, we have collected information about overseas buyers from domestic well-known export fairs and professional markets, including their business cards and business scope. So that we can better provide professional quality buyers for our clients.


Resource integration advantages

A strategic cooperation relationship with the training institution of the national convention and exhibition institutions can be used to promote the strategic integration of "100 million exhibition people" for domestic well-known exhibitions. Through two years of efforts, the initial national industry exhibitors and purchasers data integration.

To build a global one-stop "exhibition integrated interactive marketing ecosystem" to establish a strong implementation system.


Industry leading reputation

Since the company launched the "buyer's invitation" business in 2012, it has been collecting and optimizing the buyer data, and the team has accumulated rich project planning and implementation experience.

Continuously optimize service level and enhance buyer's docking effectiveness. Our activities have been well received and our clients have been cooperating with each other.


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